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Stabiliser Caliper

Unique measuring devices designed specifically for the oilfield industry.

Stabiliser Calipers are for checking tolerance on 3 & 5 blade oilfield Stabilisers. They are capable of measuring to 1/16” of tolerance although we have the technology to produce instruments that can measure to within 0.001” of tolerance.

These models measure three or five point to an accuracy of 1/16 of an inch:

3 Point Calipers
(a.k.a “Toolrunners”)

Please click on the link or download the information document.

Ball trammels are for measuring seal ring grooves i.e RTJ’s. A Hub Gauge is a modified vernier calliper; it is used to measure “Grayloc” type hubs. These can be made to customer’s specifications, for example we have made a 24” Digital version.

Ball Trammel

Ball Trammel Setting Gauge

Ball Trammel Setting Gauge

Ball Trammel Set & Setting Gauge

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